Miško statulos
analog photography series | 2020

Woodstatues (liet. Miško statulos) is Andrej Polukord's photography/performance project which explores and documents the tree trunks left behind by loggers in landscapes once covered by old-growth forests. To the artist, these stumps evoke pedestals for the monuments often placed in empty city squares. Here in the woods, however, they form a monument to anti-ecology. They appear as hermetic witnesses to a policy of quick money-making through the deforestation of thousands of acres by the logging industry. Photographs were taken on medium format film by Lina Margaitytė and Marius Krivičius.

2022 A. Polukord solo exhibition "Goat", gallery AV17, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2021 EIB Residency program, Abey de Neumünster, Luxembourg -  final show;
2021 DongGang International Photo Festival Yeongwol, Shouth Korea.
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